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The website is commissioned by AgriGate Media.


From 2005 by now, Fermer.BG is a website that turned into a peculiar social network place for the majority of Bulgarian farmers - a place for exchanging ideas, experiences, impressions. A place for sharing tips and recommendations from a myriad of farmers and specialists in various fields. A platform that has established a strong trust between consumers and advertisers over the years.


The renewed version of Fermer.BG includes:

- Updated and more intuitive platform, which provides a number of innovations in smooth communication manners and skills between the users;
- Corporate identity, logo design, web-design.


The new portal version has helped to increase its loyal audience and improve its quality at the same time:
- Over 120,000 unique visitors per month;
- Over 2.4 million pageviews per month /impressions/.

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