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ENTWICKLUNG VON Festival "Spirit of Burgas" 2012
  • festival spirit of burgas 2012
  • festival spirit of burgas 2012
  • festival spirit of burgas 2012

Festival "Spirit of Burgas" 2012

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SPIRIT of Burgas means :

- not one but several stages;
- various musical stiles: rock, reggae and ska, jazz and blues, hardcore and punk, ethno, trans, techno, drum & base and more;
- some of the most attractive names from the world’s musical stage, many of whom visit Bulgaria for the first time;
- high quality Bulgarian original music, played and sung by its creators;
- festival town full of attractions with bars loaded with cold beer and fresh food;
- it has its own camping grounds where you can rest from the high powered musical marathon;

The SPIRIT of Burgas is the festival without rain, mud or dust but only soft sand, the warmth of August and the waves of the sea, the shrieks of the gulls, thousands of smiling people happy and relaxing…in short a party without an end!

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