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The musical activeties are the biggest part of the the multi-entertainment center JOY STATION.  On the fully professionally equipped stage has performed some world famous artists  like URIAH HEEP, JOE LYNN TURNER, BOBBY KIMBALL and JOHN LAWTON, and famous Bulgarian stars such as BTR, LUBO, GRAFA and the unique diva -  LILI IVANOVA. The concept of the club includes  also “tribute shows” which became famous from the past events in JOY STATION and give to the audience different style of music.
JOY STATION is a very suitable place not only for musical shows and live concerts, but also for corporate events, private parties and celebrations of various kinds. On the first level are located the club area, the restaurant part (including the outdoor garden) and the gaming area.
These advantages  makes the club  the perfect place for a wonderful stay.
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