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Digital marketing specialist - trainees

We are now expanding our digital marketing department and we need new colleagues. We are looking for TRAINERS, YOUNG PROFESSIONALS, STANDING PROFESSIONALS and up!

The main activity of the department includes:
• Continuous learning, application and experimentation of novelties in digital marketing - in unlimited quantities;
• Creating, planning and managing services and campaigns;
• Analyze results and track trends - numbers, tables, charts;
• Reporting results - do not be afraid, everybody in his team has to do it;
• Creating and editing content - if needed;
• Permanent handling of different social networks;
• Giving ideas - lots of ideas! Always!

For beginners: basic qualities, skills and knowledge to help you survive and become a pro:
• Know what is classic marketing and have the right education - you decide what it is and convince us;
• Have extensive experience in using social networks;
• You can freely communicate with clients and colleagues - in all varieties and on all occasions - offers, reports, new orders, analyzes, etc .;
• Write without errors - full member, commas, capital letters, synonyms, speech structuring, originality of thought;
• Excellent computer skills and abilities: MS Office, Photoshop or other image processing;
• You are working freely in English - reading, translating, communicating, talking (we consider it an advantage, but almost imperative);
• You are resistant to stress and meet deadlines (colleagues mention the word "impossible") - we will not hide, real-time work requires psychological sustainability. And organizing. And dedication;
• An experience of such a position is an advantage, without necessity;
• You can work in a team, give and receive feedback;
• You are addicted to success;
• You have over the average culinary skills - barbecue, traditional banitsa, other treats !;
• Rich general culture and side interests can push you forward in the rankings!

For professionals (people with experience, ideas and unsatisfying enthusiasm) besides the ones listed above:
• Have experience in self-creating and campaign management;
• You can work with Google Analytics and analyze the information;
• Know the principles and experience with Facebook, Instagram Ads; Google Adwords; content and e-mail marketing;
• You know the trends in the industry - native and international;
• Have creative thinking, combined with business and practical;
• It is imperative that you have experience of such a position;
• You manage to manage a team, plan and distribute work, monitor performance;
• You can work with clients, negotiate, clarify goals and maintain good relationships with them;
• Higher education in the field of marketing, business, technology or other relevant;

We offer you:
• A huge amount of work and challenges!
• Vocational training - at work and / or outside;
• Labor contract with real insurances, bonus scheme according to the contribution;
• Lovely office with panoramic terrace and barbecue;
• Fresh colleagues and a boss who is still a good hand to get better and unscrew ... or develop!
• Opportunity for flexible working hours;
• Culinary, cultural and socially useful appearances.

If you have not been bothered or confused and believe that digital marketing is your amplo, send us a design CV and a short theme "My Strengths" in a genre of your choice.
We do not want you to meet all the criteria described and we guarantee full confidentiality in the application and selection process.

We ll get in touch with everyone, whether it s on paper or not.

Honor and respect,
The team of Tara Soft EOOD

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