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DEVELOPMENT OFF "Lords of the Air"
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  • lords of the air
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"Lords of the Air"

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The consecutive project of Tara Soft was successfully implemented thanks to our creative and cohesive team. We are proud to introduce you the fully updated website of the Bulgarian version of “Lords of air”- The website disposes with flexible infrastructure and it is developed with up-to-date front-end technologies. The platform is developed to carry out fully the needs of consumers. At the same time it offers a majority of easy and quick functionalities for the users. We created a modern design which fully meets the needs of today s consumer. Regardless of whether you enter the site through a mobile device, tablet, PC or laptop, overall vision is not disrupted and the site isn t loading slowly. The accessibility to video contents is extremely facilitated and operates in all devices. The reporting irregularities module is fully improved aiming an easier orientation, also increasing the incoming signals. We added the opportunity for the users to comment topics in real time as well as sharing them across the social networks. We also developed а convenient searching engine and a wide range of video contents.

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