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When others talk about our successes!
BG Media Group

We express our satisfaction of realized by Tara Soft projects - creating our websites and

Within the time of our cooperation, we recognized that the company is built of professionals working with on high speed, with quality and honesty about their customers.

We are grateful to the entire team for good ideas and suggestions and we are pleased with the final result of our cooperation. We want to express our special regards to the company manager for the attention given to our projects.

In addition, that we will continue to use the competent services of Tara Soft, we are continue recommending them to anyone who needs professional services in their area of ​​activity.

In our work together we faced properly and responsible attitude from all company employees and their manager, where all tasks have been fulfilled on time with high quality.
Complex assignment is part of TaraSoft daily tasks and their projects are not limited only to the already made ones in Bulgaria and the world.
All projects are placed with necessary professionalism and in agreed time lines.
With partner like TaraSoft is easy to implement all hard looking ideas no matter how tough they are looking.
All provided services are always on highest level.
It is always a pleasure to work with company employees, they are making everything to look simple, without pressure and high engagement to their projects.
I am very happy that we had the chance to choose TaraSoft as our partner for implementing our project, as this choice was vital and help to bring live to our ideas and develop to level we even didn’t dream of.


Сред огромния избор от фирми предлагащи услуги, свързани с разработването на уебсайтове, се спряхме на Тара Софт, главно под влияние на получените добри отзиви за тях. Можем искрено да заявим, че с този наш избор, ние взехме най-правилното решение.

Бихме искали да изразим своята благодарност към целия екип на Тара Софт за професионализма, коректността и оказаното съдействие при създаването на нашата Интернет страница. По време на срещите ни внимателно бяха изслушани идеите ни, както за функционалността, така и по отношение на желаната от нас визия на сайта.

Въпреки, че предлаганите от нас продукти са доста специфични, екипът ни помогна много със съвети и предложения, които доведоха до по-висока функционалност на Интернет страницата ни и по-изчистен интерфейс.

Търпението и навременната реакция, с която екипа и управителя подходиха към нашите запитвания, улесниха до голяма степен взаимното ни сътрудничество, което се надяваме, че ще продължи и в бъдеще. Поставените срокове бяха не само спазени, но и в повечето случаи изпреварени, което по никакъв начин не беше за сметка на качеството на крайния резултат.

Пожелаваме на целия екип на Тара Софт още много успешни проекти и ги препоръчваме на всички като надежден партньор, разполагащ с екип от професионалисти, работещи активно за постигане на поставените цели.

Digital Division

С настоящата референция бихме искали да изразим нашите отлични впечатления от съвместната ни работа с Тара Софт.


Възложената задача бе реализирана в договорените срокове, качествено и професионално. Всички наши изисквания, възникнали по време на реализацията на проекта бяха удовлетворени в следствие на бързата обратна връзка, която поддържахме с екипа и управителя на фирмата.


Диджитъл Дивижън препоръчва на всички Тара Софт като надежден партньор, разполагащ с екип от професионалисти, работещи активно за постигане на поставените цели.


With a big pleasure I would like to express my personal satisfaction of working with Tara Soft Ltd. since its inception.

Tara Soft has always been and continues to be our reliable partner in the development of numerous web-based B2B solutions related to special individual promoting of our IT products. All this is always within the limits and deadlines set by us in response to our demands for high quality and professional performance.

The team of Tara Soft is presented by people dedicated and committed to their work, great partners and contractors. People we would rely for our further projects.

I would highly recommend Tara Soft Ltd. as a reliable, responsible, honest, full of new creative ideas business partner.

Ulla Popken Bulgaria

With this reference we - our team of "Ulla Popken"- would like to express our satisfaction from our cooperation with Tara Soft.

Ulla Popken is the leader brand in plus size fashion running stores worldwide. We can already have the opportunity to cover our Bulgarian customer s Facebook needs since May/2013.  For this particular purpose we decided to rely on Tara Soft & their team of professionals.

Tara Soft team was involved in creating and designing "Ulla Popken" Facebook profile for our customers in Bulgarian market. For a period of only 4 months thanks to them, we have reached rapidly increasing indicators.

TaraSoft proves to be our reliable partner with excellent performance on the project they work on. Company management and their staff are high qualified and competent, with excellent organizational skills. Their execution performance and technologies they use are innovative and follow the worldwide tendencies. Their work is characterized with professionalism and high quality. The agreed deadlines are strictly followed despite the complexity of the project. We are also extremely happy with the results and effective feedback. We express our appreciation for the implemented joint project.

Considering the above facts I will recommend you as a partner to other companies that strive for quality products as the ones you make!


I express my sincere gratitude to Tara Soft team of professional your guys working in conjunction with our web-projects. Your company deals with professionalism, speed and inexhaustible creative ideas regarding the specifics and thematic focus of our two website - and

Through their positive design and excellent features specially designed for our portals we would calmly and clearly confirm that we succeeded in covering our goals and realizing the defined ideas. We had the opportunity to attract the attention of some of the most popular advertisers in the market. It is worth to emphasize the responsiveness and apparent proper attitude. Your work is characterized by good organization, accountability and efficiency. Tara Soft undoubtedly shows rich experience, high potential, competence. The results achieved by our activities are a guarantee for your professionalism. I am glad to keep good and honest relationship with such a company.

Sincerely and with best intentions I do recommend the services of Tara Soft.

Consulty Ltd.

Having partner relationships with Tara Soft Ltd. expands opportunities for successful business.


The software development services of Tara Soft Ltd provide priority and rapid adaptation to intense information internet space. Their reliability and respectful attention to details contribute to increasing the efficiency of work in various fields.


With the development of Tara Soft Ltd., Consult Ltd. serves areas with no difficulty connected with legal topics, copyright, cultural institutions, associations and institutions, activities related to donations and investments in online payment etc.:,,,


Working with Tara Soft Ltd. is a pleasure and gives complete satisfaction for each competent and specialized economical, scientific, cultural structure.

Jongbel Media Solutions

Undoubtedly, the first impression that a modern company, operating in the field of digital media technologies, may leave in its customers is based on the design and structuring of a corporate webportal. Besides the corporate-oriented layout, that is so necessary for building and maintaining any customer‘s trust, the automation process in developing a dynamic website is more than necessary in times of rapid development and improvement of products and services.
Tara Soft company successfully managed to cover our high requirements both in graphic and in automation aspect, building our new web portal. The new design and vision of the website were professionally planned maintaining the already existing support structures and systems. The team of Tara Soft succeeded in an extraordinary way to redesign and refresh our existing systems and professionally handle all occurred challenges during the process of our collaborated work.

As a representative of an established and widespread French Information Network /, I would like to express my appreciation for the implemented projects with Tara Soft Ltd. Me and my team of experts had the pleasure to experience such kind of work policy, which implements projects using the latest tools and technologies, and also providing professional services to a truly qualitative level.
Tara Soft Ltd. proved to be a reliable company that develops successfully and efficiently their projects. The company has a stable management, highly qualified staff and a very good working organization. Its specialists are able to perform tasks conscientiously and technologies they use are innovative and world-leading. Their work deserves to be characterized by professionalism, style and modern look. The team strictly complies with the defined deadlines for high performance and high complexity of the implemented projects. We are extremely pleased with the prompt and effective feedback specially ensured by the team.

In connection with the above, we would strongly recommend the services of the company. Because every organization deserves to have the privilege and pleasure relying on her professionalism and remarkable creativity.

Antoanette - The Hair and Beauty Business

Antoanette Ltd., a studio for web and graphic design works with Tara Soft Ltd. During this period of our work, a team of professionals take care of our website in purpose to develop the company s website and user interface.

We are extremely satisfied with:

1. Strict compliance with the arranged deadlines.
2. Solving occurred problems in the process of construction and testing issues that are not responsibility of the contractor, but they occur in the process of development of the project.
3. Full consideration and understanding of the professional requirements of the customer, according to specific activities and tips on optimizing the performance of both sides /the working team and the particular customer/.
4. Maintenance of the website, confidence in our peace and security of database and specific company information.


In conclusion, I recommend the professional services of Tara Soft Ltd. and ensure that they are loyal partners.

LABAT - Lead-Acid Batteries Department in Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)

Since the middle of 2001 "Electrochemistry of lead batteries” section at the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems part of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has its own website – The website is developed successfully and it is constantly updated both by two teams. Tara Soft is responsible for the overall activity in the design, creation, implementation and development of our website.


Our collaboration with Tara Soft runs efficiently. We have stable work relations. We are definitely satisfied with their efforts and creative ideas. Their young professionals, part of Tara Soft team, respond quickly and appropriately to our needs and requirements. We believe that their level of knowledge and skills, their personal qualities fully meet modern requirements for the implementation of this kind of services.

Awsum Interactive

It is a pleasure for me to express my personal gratitude for the professionally done work over my projects. You accomplished your tasks for a short period of time, using lots of new ideas and professionalism!

As a manager of Awsum Interactive, I would say that working with a company such as Tara Soft Ltd. is a great pleasure. They manage to show precision and modern way of thinking and this is the most important part of the professional demonstration of creativeness.

Considering the above facts I would recommend them as a partner to other companies that strive for quality products as the ones they successfully develop and provide!


Tara Soft Ltd. created our corporate web sites with stylish vision and modern appeal. This leads our customers to look for detailed information about our products and Handy as a brand.

Content management system has friendly interface and enables fast and easy content administration. We are also completely satisfied with the quick feedback in communicating with your team.

We continue relying on your support and further development of our web sites, as well as for constructing several other projects. We strongly recommend Tara Soft as a reliable partner for any one who needs professional web solutions.

Thanks to Tara Soft we have established our business quite successfully by having a web portal №1 in the Real Estates market in Bulgaria.

Tara Soft cooperates with us in the following spheres:
• Consulting for new innovative technologies and opportunities for integrating them in our business
• Projecting and realization of established innovations
• A constant software support and further development
• Developing new projects for popularizing the business services we provide

We strongly recommend Tara Soft service and attitude in business fields and relations.


Our cooperation with Tara Soft started in 2007 when we developed together our new blog site known as: We strongly appreciate their full service including our website development, as well as the constantly provided support of the platform.

Even after the website became active, we continued to improve functionalities and to add elements in order to improve our service for potential customers.

We are convinced that we have made the right choice by starting work with TaraSoft. The projects we developed together are significant for our overall work and online presence.

"Digital" magazine

Tara Soft team is very effective in understanding our corporate specific needs. We express our satisfaction with all the solutions they provided for realization, further development and facilitation of communication! During the process of development of our business information system, we received a lot of constructive ideas that we put into practice later on.

We highly appreciate their overall service, their interest and response for any problems that might occur in the process of work. We know that we have made the right choice by choosing Tara Soft!


The relations between Digiteq and Tara Soft started with a project known as – building and introducing a web platform for e-Commerce. During our work together Tara Soft demonstrated a high level of professionalism. Our web requests have been executed in a correct and professional high level.

It is worth to mention that Tara Soft team seems to be responsive and involved in the project development and introduction during the whole process of improving our business ideas. Their work is signified with good organization, responsibility and efficiency.

The performance we achieved by collaborating with Tara Soft is a guarantee for their high professional level of work. We keep on having good and correct relations with TaraSoft Ltd.


During our collaboration you demonstrated a high professional level of consulting, projecting and preparation of our web projects.

TaraSoft demonstrated a high potential, project engagement, competence and professionalism.

We would like to express our gratitude to Tara Soft team for the professionally done work over our projects. Your company coped with the tasks using their original creative ideas in a professional level for a short period of time.

MOST Computers

Cooperation between Tara Soft and MOST Computers Ltd. dates from 1998. During this period we developed a number of web based software applications for optimizing business processes in MOST Computers.
The main features that distinguish Tara Soft from their competitors are these ones:

Tara Soft always completes the projects on time; Tara Soft has a work organization optimization; Tara Soft manages to execute the project in short periods of time; Communication with their clients is an optimized process which saves time and useless conversations; During the process of client-service management, TaraSoft is extremely flexible with complete regard to client’s needs; TaraSoft are the ones that consider client s needs in a way that does not require “adapting” to TaraSoft resources, but vice versa; One of the main advantages of the company is that most of the time they take a deep insight of the projects and offer useful solutions and ideas that exceed the initial project requests.

Thanks to Tara Soft we developed successfully and continue to develop the following web portals:,,,,,,,, and Blog Catalog. Throughout the process of implementation, the company provided us with ideas, consultations and different solutions for all the projects mentioned above.

Bulgarian News Agency

Tara Soft proved to be our reliable partner with excellent performance on the projects they worked on. Company management and their staff are high qualified and competent, with excellent organizational skills. Their execution performance and technologies in use are innovative and follow worldwide tendencies. Their work is characterized with professionalism and high quality. The arranged deadlines are being strictly followed despite the complexity of the project. In some urgent circumstances, when we need their technical support, they provide it fast and professionally. We are extremely happy with the results gained throughout our work and the effective feedback we rely on anytime.

We express our appreciation for the implemented joint projects. TaraSoft realized them using the most trendy and popular technologies and tools, providing us with professional services such as consulting, installation, training and service. BTA started to use a software technique services as a result of constructing their information systems. Considering all this, we would like to recommend Tara Soft as a reliable stable partner and we think that each organization can trust on their professionalism.

Bulgarian News Agency

Tara Soft developed the following applications for Bulgarian News Agency:

• Application for informational and images database support - News Web.
• Application for photo materials service
• Application for accounting reports and photo materials automation

Products, created by Tara Soft deserve high evaluation. They ensure modern and safe methods of processing and distributing information, as well as supporting the basic units of the agency. Products are conformed with specific requirements of BTA which proceed from the specific information activities of the Agency. During our cooperation Tara Soft proved to be correct, responsive, flexible and fast in its responsibilities and activities. They are supportive even in emergency cases and circumstances, and manage to offer non-traditional decisions.

Bulgarian News Agency

Bulgarian News Agency shows its satisfaction from the mutual cooperation with Tara Soft. Thanks to the company and its employees BTA managed to introduce a lot of new technologies and applications such as:

  • Application for news streaming management
  • Internet based informational system for selling BTA materials (news, pics, informational references)
  • Interned web site with dynamic content
  • System for digital records management
  • Others
Bulgarian News Agency

Bulgarian News Agency certifies that TaraSoft has developed and introduced “Informational system for optimization the IT department work. The work is related to the system quality ISO 9001:2000 for BTA needs. The planned product is successfully realized and introduced in the “Informational technologies” Department and thanks to the product more than 25 employees started to work in Bulgarian News Agency.

Synergon Card Service

In purpose to meet our company needs, Tara Soft developed and implemented our corporate website along with web and mail servers. Due to the specific character of our work we developed and implemented communicational server and informational system for online service of our clients.

Tara Soft developed the requested software in time and after the testing period they implemented it successfully. Our staff has been trained and instructed how to use and work with these particular systems.

The implemented systems work successfully for more than 2 years. During this period of time there weren’t any serious problems with systems operations. TaraSoft team always responded on time for our operation questions and tasks.

Retail Engineering

We have established long-term relationships with Tara Soft in developing software systems for gas stations, retail shops and warehouses. The successful cooperation in these areas allows us to consider Tara Soft as a reliable and responsible partner. TaraSoft is involved in activities related to projecting, development, expansion and maintenance of our information systems.

Our cooperation convinced us of the abilities and creativeness of their team to meet our needs in developing software solutions. The results that followed convinced us that we have definitely made the right choice.

Council for Electronic Media – CEM

The Council for Electronic Media is really thankful to Tara Soft team for the quality execution in accordance to the pre-agreed terms. Our website is professionally developed, with good design and dynamic content management. It was a pleasure for us to work with Tara Soft and we strongly believe that it would be the same in future time.

Sofia Stock Exchange

With this reference we would like to express our satisfaction from the long term cooperation with Tara Soft.

Tara Soft team was involved in creating and designing the first web system that offers securities for the counter stock market. This system is based on the internet technology called SEQUIS - (Securities Quoting Information System).

Tara Soft has been also involved in developing the WEB interface of the infornational system for the Bulgarian enterprises (BEIS). This is one of the first information systems in Bulgaria that allows company date to get web access.

Today users are using Tara Soft's products