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E-shop for a new generation electronic textbooks that help children to lean easier the curriculum from their first and second grades.
The electronic textbooks are not just scanned copies of the paper versions, but include additional entertaining exercises and games.

On the site you can find also digital versions of the paper books, supplemented by multimedia materials: tasks, exercises, illustrations,verification tests, music, videos and more. They are rich, entertaining and extremely comfortable to work with. The opportunities they offer include highlighting of important materials (according to personal needs), to type additional information, to make notes, to add electronic resources and much more.

The main idea of is to change the so popular "learning is boring" to "learning is fun", so the materials to be acquired much more easily. English textbooks even include audio files that additionally help and facilitate the learning process.

The electronic textbooks are with a high educational value and fully meet the needs of the new generation students who grow and study in the Internet environment. Textbooks make learning more interesting and motivated, and provide students with opportunity to evaluate themselves.

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